Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics (Nuclear Physics/Precision Measurement)

Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, US
Jun 08, 2024
Posting live until
Jun 24, 2024

The IU experimental nuclear physics group has an active and diverse program addressing fundamental questions in nuclear physics, particle physics, and astrophysics/cosmology. Group members are leaders in a wide range of experiments, including: investigations of the flavor and spin structure of the nucleon (STAR at RHIC, Belle II at KEK); studies of parity and time reversal violation between nucleons (NIST, SNS, LANSCE, JPARC, JLAB, FRM), measurements of neutrino properties (Fermilab, SNS, SURF, LNGS), neutron decay and neutron interferometry (NIST, LANSCE, SNS, ISIS, ILL), and searches for possible exotic spin-dependent interactions. The group is part of the Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter (CEEM) at IU, which also includes research in theoretical nuclear physics, condensed matter, and radiation effects studies. Group members include professional staff in electronics, mechanical engineering, cryogenic design, and machinists, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Local facilities include a low-energy neutron source (LENS) available for neutron detector development and testing, high-bay facilities for large-scale fabrication, professional and student machine shops, a polarized 3He lab, a dilution refrigerator, and a vibration isolated lab for weak force measurement. The laboratory possesses infrastructure on a scale which enables us to make major hardware contributions to experiments. Opportunities are available on all major research projects.

Basic Qualifications: At least 3 years of training in a PhD in experimental subatomic physics or precision measurement is required.

Applications for postdoctoral positions are accepted on a continuing basis, and starting dates can be adjusted to suit the candidates.