Postdoc position in attosecond quantum optics

Ottawa / Ontario, Canada
May 10, 2024
Posting live until
Jun 09, 2024

We are seeking a motivated postdoc to expand our efforts at the intersection of attosecond science and quantum optics. Current efforts aim at understanding how quantum light perturbs and controls high-harmonic emission from solids and gases, how correlations between different optical modes and the accelerated electrons and holes arise during the interaction, and how to transfer quantum-optical properties to the high harmonics for quantum-enhanced sensing and spectroscopy at such short wavelengths.

These efforts build upon our recent work (, where we generated a broad comb of photon bunched sidebands (with super-Poissonian statistics). Our results indicate that strong-field excitation, acceleration and recombination of electron-hole pairs provide a sub-cycle, attosecond gate to measure and control quantum-optical states, which can be harnessed to further our understanding of time-resolved quantum electrodynamics.

The project leverages the extensive expertise of the NRC and the University of Ottawa in quantum optics, though the fellows of the Joint Center for Extreme Photonics, as well as world-class theory support from Prof. Brabec (uOttawa) and other external collaborators. The JASLab employs other students and postdoc working on high-field interactions in nanostructured solids and quantum materials, so you can expect a highly collaborative and stimulating environment.

If you are interested, or for additional information, please email Giulio Vampa (