Senior Measurement Quantum Engineer

Barcelona, Spain
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Feb 26, 2024
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Mar 27, 2024
Senior Measurement Quantum Engineer

About Qilimanjaro 

Who are we? 

Quantum computing will change the world but with current approaches, the true impact of quantum computers lays at least a decade away. At Qilimanjaro, we plan to offer true quantum computational power to solve industry critical problems, specifically in the areas of optimization and quantum simulation, in a much shorter timeframe than other existing quantum computing approaches.

The Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech SL startup company is the quantum spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC), the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Institute of High-Energy Physics (IFAE) that started operations in 2020 on the back of international customer, multi-year contracts.

Qilimanjaro has brought together a great team of scientists and engineers with extensive training, knowledge and experience in international labs at MIT, Caltech, Waterloo in Toronto, Stony Brook and TU Delft.

Our integrated hardware & software team develops superconducting qubit processors to focus on timely and affordable quantum advantage. We design next-generation analog quantum processorswith high-quality qubits which do not require quantum error correction and can therefore be faster-to-market in specific targeted applications.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to join our permanent staff.

At Qilimanjaro, we work on superconducting-based quantum computers, both gate-based systems as well as our signature product, analog quantum processors.

Both project lines (gate-based systems and  analog quantum processors) have multiple positions open. Your degrees and experience years will  be counted into seniority.

Why don’t you join us? 

You will: 

  • Get the opportunity to build something amazing and unique, something that hasn't been done before
  • Work on ground-breaking projects and possibly solve massive challenges on a global scale
  • Be at the intersection of research and industry, where biggest innovations happen
  • Make an enormous impact in a dynamic scale-up rather than being a small cog in a big machine
  • Work with super smartknowledgeable and yet, very friendly people in Barcelona, one of the best cities in the world (picture a lot of sun, amazing food and friendly locals)
  • Get to be part of a start-up where growth on a company and individual level is the default

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to join our permanent staff.

The person in this role will supervise daily all measurements performed at Qilimanjaro, with more emphasis on the R&D type of measurements (flux qubits). The person will drive the measurements and by interacting on a daily basis with the junior engineers will guide them and make the characterisation process at Qilimanjaro more efficient. Given the daily supervision, this person will also supervise the junior people’s reporting and measurement note taking and thus have our juniors grow in this area which is a necessity for Qilimanjaro to grow in turn.

Job description:

  • Drive the measurement activities of analog quantum processors, as well as supervise, give feedback and advise on them.

  • Be a guidance to the junior members of the team in the device measurement process, and help them grow and be empowered.

  • Liaise between with the management team on planning and roadmap development.

  • Coordinate with the rest of technical teams to improve the performance of all aspects related to device measurement (control software, device design, etc.).

  • Share tasks and responsibilities and support the general work of Qilimanjaro’s technical team.

Minimum requirements:

  • PhD, or an equivalent number of years of experience.
  • Have demonstrated a strong ability in quantum microwaveMW quantum device measurement and characterization
  • Good command of English language (oral and written), including good reporting skills.
  • Good planning and management skills. to devise a series of measurements which furthers our understanding of each device.
  • Team-working, constructive attitude

Any of the following skill will be highly valued:

  • Experience in cryogenics.
  • Previous leadership role/experience.
  • Electromagnetic simulation software (e.g., HFSS, CST, Maxwell, Sonnet).
  • Nanofabrication (e.g. Lithography, evaporation, sputtering).

Please mention in your application both availability dates and whether you would need an EU work permit to be arranged.