LHAASO Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astrophysics

Sichuan, China
Jan 12, 2024
Posting live until
Mar 12, 2024

The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) is a ground-based gamma-ray and cosmic-ray experiment located at an altitude of 4,410 metres above sea level in Daocheng, Sichuan, China. The completion and successful operation of the LHAASO experiment have established its important position in exploring the forefront of cosmic ray origins worldwide.

With unprecedented sensitivity, LHAASO has achieved significant scientific breakthroughs in surveying the gamma-ray sky from sub-TeV up to PeV, launching the era of ultra-high-energy gamma astronomy. Additionally, LHAASO is capable of precision measurements of  the spectra of individual species of cosmic rays, composition, and anisotropy in a wide energy range (~1 TeV to 1 EeV). LHAASO is expected to explore the forefront of new physics. Observations using LHAASO are also expected  to uncover the long-standing mystery in particle astrophysics—the origin of high-energy cosmic rays.

We are hiring high level postdoctoral scholars as the LHAASO Fellow who are interested in gamma-ray astronomy and cosmic ray physics based on the LHAASO experiment. We provide flexible work place either in Chengdu or Beijing where you can develop your science through stimulating interactions among scientists in the LHAASO Collaboration. Applicants with previous experience in particle astrophysics observations, theory, or computational astrophysics are especially encouraged to apply.

Institute: Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS and Tianfu Cosmic Ray Research Centre

Position: 2 Post-docs

Duration: 24 months

Application date: all year

Annual salary: 400,000 RMB or above upon negotiation

Projects: Planned Research as the fellow must be based on the LHAASO experiment including gamma-ray astronomy and cosmic-ray physics in general.


1. A PhD (in the fields of Physics, Astronomy, Astroparticle Physics or Computer Science) must be completed before the position begins;

2. Having excellent ability to work both independently and collaboratively and to communicate clearly;

3. The age of all applicants should not exceed 35 years when the successful candidate is selected.

Applicant material:

1. A CV, including a list of publications to which you have made specific contributions;

2. Statement of research interests including which project you would like to work on;

3. Educational qualifications and degree certificates;

4. Two letters of recommendation;


For further details and information, please contact:

Gamma-ray astronomy: Prof. Songzhan Chen, chensz@ihep.ac.cn

Cosmic-ray physics: Prof. Shoushan Zhang, zhangss@ihep.ac.cn

HR Department: Xiaoyan Dong, dongxy@ihep.ac.cn