Simons Collaboration on Extreme Electrodynamics of Compact Sources

Contact: Dr. Andrea Davies

452 Lomita Mall
United States

Tel: 415 465 2866


About Simons Collaboration on Extreme Electrodynamics of Compact Sources

The Simons Collaboration on Extreme Electrodynamics of Compact Sources (SCEECS) is a Simons Collaboration in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences commencing Sept 1, 2023.

The initial program is scheduled to run until Aug 31, 2027.

Participating institutions are Caltech, Columbia University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Illinois State University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Tel Aviv University, University of Arizona, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Paris, University of Maryland, University of Texas, San Antonio, University of Toronto, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Washington University at St Louis.


  • To explore extreme electrodynamics through neutron stars and black holes using theory, simulation and observation
  • To educate and foster a new and diverse generation of researchers with translatable skills and experience
  • To connect with scientists working in related fields.
  • To provide far-reaching public outreach


Collaboration Director: Roger D. Blandford
Collaboration Deputy Director: Alexander (Sasha) Philippov
Collaboration Manager: Andrea Davies

Collaboration Members:

  • Principal Investigators
    - Neutron Stars: Chris Thompson (NS1), Yuri Levin (NS2), Anatoly Spitkovsky (NS3)
    - Black Holes: Ellen Zweibel (BH1), Amir Levinson (BH2), Tsvi  Piran (BH3)
  • Co-Investigators
    - Neutron Stars: Yajie Yuan (NS1), Matt Caplan (NS2), Katerina Chatziioannou (NS2), Ke Fang (NS3)
    - Black Holes: Richard Anantua (BH1), Sam Gralla (BH2), Lorenzo Sironi (BH3)
  • Collaboration Scientists
    - Noemie Globus, Sebastian Meuren​, Bart Ripperda
  • Affiliated Scientists
    ​​​​​​​- Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students: Pavel Abolmasov, ​Barbora Bezděková, Ashley Bransgrove, Sasha Chernoglazov, Brandon Curd, Joaquin Duran, Hayk Hakobyan, Isaac Legred, Rostom Mbarek, Dmitry Ofengeim, Lani Oramas, Matteo Pais, Emanuele Sobacchi, Navin Sridhar, Andrew Sullivan, Hayley West, Vladimir Zhdankin

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