Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho National Laboratory
1955 N. Fremont Ave
Idaho Falls
United Kingdom

Tel: 866-495-7440

About Idaho National Laboratory

Our capabilities involve: testing advanced nuclear energy concepts, preparing radioisotope power sources for NASA space exploration, developing longer-lived electric vehicle batteries, protecting the power grid and collaborating with numerous industries to turn waste into fuel.

INL experts are studying basic material properties that will lead to more robust nuclear fuels and materials that can survive in harsh environments. We conduct testing and demonstration for electric grid systems and other critical infrastructure including clean water delivery. Our unparalleled cybersecurity experts monitor real-world incidents, provide training around the globe and conduct basic research for the security of everything from vehicle charging stations to nuclear materials. INL’s clean energy research also includes work in bioenergy, geothermal energy, hydrogen production and industrial process science.

INL operates the world’s premier materials test reactor – the Advanced Test Reactor – which also is one of only two reactors in the nation producing life-saving medical radioisotopes.

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