First Light Fusion Ltd

Unit 10, Oxford Pioneer Park
Mead Rd, Yarnton
United Kingdom

Tel: 01865 807 670


About First Light Fusion Ltd

First Light

First Light Fusion is a company established in 2011 focused on researching energy generation by inertial confinement fusion. Building on the success of the National Ignition Facility, we are designing and building the largest pulsed power machine in the world to demonstrate an ignition experiment that will lead to a power plant.

Why work for us
We are a small company with a huge mission. The only important aspect for the team, and for everyone, is the contribution they can make. 

Bringing together a team of highly skilled people dedicated to one mission forms a fantastic environment and culture where every person contributes and learns from each other.

We are fast paced and the work is incredibly varied – no week is the same.

Training and development
We are keen on collaboration and publishing. Typically people attend several conferences a year and will attend technical skill courses and summers school as needed.

The team has expertise and mentoring in many disciplines ranging from data science, software engineering, theoretical physics, ultra-high-speed diagnostics to warehouse management.

We also have an extensive management training course.

Graduate schemes
Typically graduates join as a graduate scientist and will either rotate around the department or sit within a dedicated group. Training happens through a mentorship scheme, line management and on-the-job training. Within the first year you would be trained up to be able to lead and deliver projects in line with the core science plan.

What we are looking for

  •  Smart, independent thinkers with a great attitude and a genuine interest and drive to solve the fusion energy challenge.
  • Supportive team members who push us forward and make us better.

Oxford, UK

Number of employees

Main areas of research
Inertial fusion physics, pulsed power, high-energy density physics, diagnostics, data science, simulations

Positions recently recruited for
Experimental physics scientist, target design scientist

Desired degree disciplines/class
Physics, engineering or relevant degrees

Eligible to work in the UK

How to apply
Apply online at

Closing date
All year round 

Tel +44 (0)1865 807670

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