APS Careers 2024

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APS Careers 2024

As a physicist, you possess a tremendous variety of technical, scientific, and problem-solving skills. And employers know it, too—which is why physics graduates are keenly sought after by employers based in a wide range of industries.  

The most rewarding careers take into account not only the physics knowledge or technical skills you possess, but also what’s important to you as an individual. There are so many ways to let your unique talents shine while helping to make the world a better place, and it is our hope that this guide can help you discover new pathways that you may not have encountered before.

In this guide, we have the "Career Development" section, to help you plan out your options, then you can learn about a wide variety of experiences through our “Career Pathways” section. You can also read about folks who have done unexpected things—like making art using robots and dance, or creating sustainable clothing from wood—with their physics degrees.

There are exciting profiles of physicists working in a large variety of fields, like quantum computing, machine learning, and fiber optic communication. As always, we also have our “Employer Directory,” which provides at-a-glance information about organizations that are looking for talented scientists right now. We hope that this guide provides you with a fresh outlook as you move along your career pathway, wherever it may lead.

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